The Passage

7039 N Figueroa
Sep 01, 6 PM - 9 PM — ends Oct 02, 2023
Music >>The Intelligence, Vice Cooler, Landmark & Denver

THE PASSAGE curated by liz walsh opening September 1st, that includes artists from LA and the Bay Area. It is the first show at DISCOUNT MIRRORS GALLERY.

The show is a pop up event which is in the storefront of Discount Mirrors Studio run by John Dwyer.

The show is focusing on ideas transformation and visions that represent significant shifts in perception, experience, or identity. Whether it's a sudden realization (epiphany), a transition from one state to another (crossing over), overcoming obstacles (breaking through), or a profound change in form or nature (metamorphosis), they all involve a fundamental transformation.


Adam Scott
Alex Sanchez
Amber Jean Young
Brad Eberhard
Daniela Soberman
Francesca Bifulco
Jay Erker
Johanna St. Clair
Jovi Schnell
Jon-Paul Villegas
Kyle Ranson
Maximus Oppenheimer
Thomas Linder
Veronica de Jesus

Gallery Hours Friday And Saturday 12-5 and by appointment